Hell hath no fury like a Farmgirl scorned

Hell hath no fury like a Farmgirl scorned

April 21, 2009

We don’t personally know New Zealand lass Nadine Porter, but South Island Fertilizer Emperor and Ravensdown CEO Rodney Green apparently does. And the young lady is suggesting that theEmperor has no clothes, amongst other failings. High also on her list is the fact that Rodney’s farmer cooperative has gone into competition with its own members by importing livestock feed. In a post …Smooth Operator… on her Farmgirl blog, Nadine suggests that “…Rodders in all his preened public relations finery…” is now trying to talk his way out of the previously identified transgression. The fury was initially unleashed in a post on 23 March: So the peasants are unhappy.

As self appointed spokespersons for Ravensdown’s international suppliers, competitors, and now it seems farmer shareholders, we would like to thank the Farmgirl for pointing out that the Emperor"… has nothing on!", a vision that we have all suffered silently with for a long time.

The Emperor is on the left in white gum boots...