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  • Hell hath no fury like a Farmgirl scorned

    We don’t personally know New Zealand lass Nadine Porter, but South Island Fertilizer Emperor and Ravensdown CEO Rodney Green apparently does. And the young lady is suggesting that theEmperor has no clothes, amongst other failings....

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  • Show Me The Money

    As we have watched the Fertilizer Wars unfold, our comments here, as well as onwww.fertilizerwars.com have been from the perspective of a fertilizer peddler. What have been missing from this discourse are some observations from a...

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  • Robber Barons Redux?

    As the lithograph to the left suggest, the appearance of Robber Barons is a recurring social phenomena. Wikipedia has several interesting articles on the subject. We particularly like the picture of J.P. Morgan thrashing a...

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  • World TFI 2008

    The International TFI Conference in Seattle stumbled at the start and struggled thereafter. The Westin’s computers were down as guests arrived on Saturday and didn’t recover until the following day. Quickly the lobby resembled...

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  • Stand and Deliver

    This classic N.C. Wyeth painting “Stand and Deliver” came to mind today as we read a fertilizer dealer’s email response to a rather innocuous question: Q: “…what is the mood of the Ag-retailer going into...

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